Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Beckenham Bromley

If you are a keen on sports: running, football or spending time at the gym perhaps, sports injuries not only cause discomfort and pain, but can be very frustrating! There’s nothing worse than being held back from training for that big race, or not being able to join your friends for a kick-about.

Serious sports injuries such as fractures, complete tears of tendons or ligaments or severe bruising and neurological trauma should of course be dealt with by an A&E department of a hospital. However, for more general sports injuries such as sprains, pains, stiff and over-exercised muscles, osteopathy treatment can prove an effective and suitable alternative to traditional physiotherapy.

Osteopathy treatment for sports injuries would normally include soft tissue manipulation and articulation of the affected area. Together with a tailored exercise program an osteopathic approach can aid rehabilitation of many sports injuries that have not responded to other treatments.

WIth many years of sports injury management treatment experience and having trained at the National Sports Medical Institute, Vincent is ideally positioned to help you with your sports injury, whatever that may be. His osteopathy practice is based in Beckenham, Kent and is ideally placed for clients in Beckenham, Bromley and across South London and Kent.