Benefits of Osteopathy

Benefits of Osteopathy Beckenham Bromley

Osteopathy is a specific way of diagnosing and treating physical problems in the spine and limbs. These can result from injury, following surgery or stress. It can also treat pain in pregnancy, and irritability and restlessness in babies.

The osteopath seeks to understand the cause and effect of an ailment. Once these are known, the treatment is aimed at re-establishing normal pain free function. This is achieved by reducing any inflammation present, restoring normal tone in the affected muscles and their covering soft tissues and increasing the range of movement in the joints.

Who can Osteopathy treat?

It can treat anyone from newborn babies up to adults.

How does Osteopathy work?

The treatment approach promotes healing by: decreasing inflammation, muscle spasm, tension and adhesions. These can be formed in the spine and limbs after injury, following surgery or significant stress. It aims to restore normal pain-free movement and equilibrium in the body. It uses a specific form of soft tissue manipulation and joint articulation developed over many years.

Benefits of VJ Barnes Osteopathy

  • Makes a lasting difference

  • Enjoying life without pain

  • Increases rate of recovery

  • Improved posture and health

  • Less dependent on painkillers

  • Higher energy levels

  • Helps to restores normal tone to muscles and their covering soft tissues

  • Helps to rebalance muscles and joints of the spine and limbs

  • Is a very thorough and highly effective approach

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