Cranial Osteopathy for Babies

Cranial Osteopath Beckenham

Why do babies see osteopaths for treatment?

Babies often present with the following set of symptoms:

  • Irritability and inability to settle

  • Indigestion/ significant wind after feeds

  • Screaming, especially evenings around 5-6pm

  • Gets very distressed and angry; may kick legs

  • Restless behaviour

  • Gulping of food, then very sick with wind

It is believed that these symptoms occur because the child becomes stressed during the birthing process, which can take many hours to complete. The result is a set of symptoms probably similar to those of an adult under significant stress.

How and why do you treat babies?

Babies, as already stated, can get stressed when the mother is in labour, especially when delivered by forceps or suction. Tension in the muscles and covering soft tissues of the head, neck and abdomen can occur.

Cranial osteopathy

With the use of gentle soft-tissue release techniques, including cranial osteopathy, these tissues relax and the baby returns to normal within two to three sessions. The alternative is months of unnecessary stress and anguish for the parents.

Cranial Osteopaths, Beckenham and Bromley

Before you bring your baby in for cranial osteopathy treatment, you may have questions. Please do call for a chat or to arrange for a treatment. The VJ Barnes Clinic is in Beckenham and is ideally suited for patients in Beckenham, Bromley and South London. There is free and convenient parking to the front of the practice, ideal for bringing your baby into the practice.

Call 020 8650 5001 to arrange a treatment.